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Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality


Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality


What We Do


After locating the ideal site for each of our builds we use a network of highly experienced architects to make sure the design of the property perfectly matches all our requirements.


Once the architect has finalised the designs and we have secured all planning permissions for our property we begin development and build with a group of local and trusted contractors.


Upon completion of the build we will then be ready to take the new property to market. We use our experience and expertise in the local housing market to find the perfect buyer!

We can work closely with you to understand your needs and wishes. Reach out to schedule a consultation today!



We only make homes we would want to live in. We are more than just property developers.


Elegant Homes International Ltd is a Development Management Service company that provides Property and Development strategies to maximise property values – for both land owners and developers.


Our combined experience consists of Property Law, Property Funds Management, Corporate & Joint Venture developments with hands on management of numerous development projects.


Elegant Homes International’s Director, Jonathan Allen, assists developers or owners of land who seek to maximise the returns that property developments can provide.


With 7 years’ experience within property construction and development, Jonathan has built up a network within the industry to build quality apartments and houses.

Our Associates

Some of the Companies we’re proud to work with